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Solutions to Lab 3 exercises & Reflection

Written solutions

The written solutions for this week can be download as PDF below.

Download Solutions to Lab 3

Video explanations of some solutions

Videos for questions a1, b1-4, c1-3 from the green section are shown in the hints page.

Visit the Hints page

Please let me know if you want clarification on any other exercises.


Is notation important? Can we do without it?

Try writing some of this week's notation-heavy passages in plain English (or in your own language). Would it help you understand and solve the problems quickly?

How about making your own notation? It would probably help you understand things better (like I do in the "Think: so and so" in the hints page)... but if everyone makes their own notation independently, would we be able to communicate with each other effectively?

Do you understand notation from Week 1 better now? Do you feel it is just a matte of time and things will become clear in due time?

If are still finding some notation unclear then have a look at the Notation page to see them all in one page.

In particular, ensure you understand the shorthand notation: \(\Sigma, \Sigma^*, \square^+\).

Visit the Notation Page


You don't have to hand-in your reflection -- this is not an assessment. Keep your notes and go over them as you understand the material more. Some of the above ideas will become clear in one week, while others will be met again towards the end of the module!