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How you will get taught

Module materials will be delivered through the following:

Pre-class activity

Each week we start with a pre-class activity which you do on your own, to get you started thinking on the week's topic.

This will usually consist of some reading materials, videos, and depending on the topic, a demo task to help you work through the concepts.

Online "Lecture"

We will also have an online asynchronous lecture (pre-recorded).

You get slides (PDF format) and a series of short videos that go through the slides to explain them in detail.

Material for these can be found under "📚 Weekly materials" in the left-side navigation bar.

Lab exercises

The lab then follows with exercises. These are grouped into 3 levels (with increasing level of challenge).

The exercise pages are colour coded:


These exercises are, generally speaking, straight-forward applications of the theory explained in the lecture.

Green are the must-do tasks to gain a fair understanding of the material, pass the module, and earn an average grade.


These are designed to improve your understanding of the technical parts, and will push your skills to a higher level.

Orange is at the level of upper-second/first class.


Red and blue designated advanced or optional exercises, and are not examinable -- they are there only to encourage you advance and deepen your understanding.

This is for those of you who want to test their skills and enjoy challenge.

Solutions to the lab exercises

Written solutions are released at the end of the week. Videos to further explain some selected exercises may be produced upon request.


Finally, you are encouraged to reflect on the week's learning.

All of the week's activities are important. In particular, reflection is very important because it helps you link the various topics together, and makes you ponder on the real meaning of what you have studied abstractly, and link it back to the practical aspects.