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Lab 6

The exercises for this week are available below for download as a PDF file.

Download Exercises File

Green section

  • When working on these exercises aim to build your intuition on how TMs operate, rather than getting lost in the specific details.

Blue section

  • The Busy Beaver problem is a very interesting and fun problem!

Can you discover the first few busy beavers? Compete with your friends!

  • Play with the TM simulator at

First, observe and try to understand how the multi-tape TMs work, then how the same operations are done on one tape.

Practice Phase Test

Information about the upcoming phase test and the link to the practice test are available under 📊 Assessment > Coursework:

Visit the Coursework information page


In advance of your lab session, you need to:

  1. Refresh your knowledge of the key concepts covered in the lecture videos.
  2. Attempt to solve the green exercises.
  3. Then attempt the orange exercises.
  4. Highlight any challenging exercises to ask about them during your lab sessions.
  5. If you want to attempt the advanced/optional (red/blue) exercises then do so.