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During this revision time you will review what you have learnt and revise for the TCA.

Past TCA papers

I have uploaded all the past exam/TCA papers that I have to Aula.

Visit the download page on Aula

I highly recommend working with a friend in the following way:

  • You both try the same paper.
  • You mark each other's attempt following the provided marking scheme available under the Solutions folder.

This will help you see the paper from the markers angle, and should teach how to better interpret the questions. and how to write your solutions more clearly.

Don't jump into reading the solutions!

It is extremely important that you attempt the paper BEFORE checking the marking scheme. Jumping straight into reading the model solutions gives you the false impression that you can "easily" come up with similar solutions...

Marking Scheme and your own solutions

The marking schemes are written for the marker(s), and should not be taken to be standard required for your solutions, e.g. if the marking scheme has 1⁺ = 11* = 1*1 then it does not mean that you have to provide that answer exactly -- it just means that any of those three options is acceptable.


July 2021 paper

Live demo of the July 2021 TCA paper. Sorry, screen was not recorded at the start.

Q3 April 2020

Practice test

The Practice Test is still available. You can use it to practice topics from Weeks 1--5, and get instant automated feedback.

Attempt the Practice Test


You can attempt it multiple times, but I recommend you only attempt it every other day or so after reviewing the weak areas you discovered on your previous attempt.

Memorising answers to the practice test is of very little value.