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TCA Support

Copiable Symbols

Try copying the symbol from the Unicode column. If it doesn't succeed then type the ASCII equivalent from the keyboard.

Name Unicode ASCII
Epsilon ε e
Empty set {}
Superscript plus ^+
Superscript n ^n
Subset subset of
Element of a set in
Not an element of a set not in
Union of sets union or U
Intersection of sets intersect
Greek letter "phi" ϕ phi
Greek letter "psi" Ψ psi
Greek letter "Sigma" Σ Sigma or E

PDF forms handling

For the TCA, use an appropriate PDF reader (e.g. Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader) to fill the form fields. This saves your answers, and you can submit the resulting PDF file after completing the form. Do not use your browser for this -- you may easily lose your work!

If you have a tablet that allows you to write on the PDF freehand then please avoid doing that. Please fill the form fields with plain text (typed from a keyboard).

You may, if you prefer, print the paper and work on it, but please transfer your answers to the PDF form and avoid scanning your work.