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A Guide to Module Materials

While we will be using Aula to drive the module materials, all of the content written is available on GitHub Pages.

Pen and paper!

Ensure you have a dedicated notebook for this module. Working through the exercises with a pen is the recommended way.


Here is a quick overview of the conventions I will use here, where I get a few more formatting options.

Breakout Boxes

Throughout the text I will be using breakout boxes. I will use this as a way to highlight important points or make tasks clear.

I also use notes to replace the side-tracks that tend to happen during lectures.


A question to think about and discuss as a community.


An exercise to complete.

There are different levels:


You should be able to do this to pass the module with a decent grade.


Being able to complete this should give you a good grade.


Optional harder task for those who want to test their skills


Something interesting that I would add as a side note in lectures.


An example of whatever we have been talking about.


Lets you know something is important. It is probably a good idea to pay attention.


Another way of talking about something interesting.


A tip, or another thing that might be worth knowing.

Spotted a bug or typo?

Writing this content is hard because of how much content goes into it, and the nature of the topic.

If you find a bug, typo, factual error or even just have a good idea for improvement, let me know. Drop me a message.

Thank you.