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Assessment information


The assessment involves two components:

1) Coursework

The Coursework (CW) component is an online phase test.

This is worth 50% of the module mark.

Visit the Coursework information page

2) Time Constrained Assessment (TCA)

The Exam/TCA (EX) component is a 2-hour exam paper.

This is worth 50% of the module mark.

Visit the TCA information page

Exams vs TCAs

Please note that "exams" have been replaced with "Time Constrained Assessments" (TCAs). These are open-book and are not invigilated. They are delivered online.

There will be no more exams in the usual way (Sitting in a large room with paper and pen, and invigilators).


Re-assessment is by new coursework and/or new exam.

Pass requirements

CW must be at least 40% and EX must be at least 40% and Module Mark (MM=(CW+EX)/2) must be at least 40%.

Extensions and Deferrals

Here is a page that explains the possible ways to deal with postponing an assessments.

Important Guidance on Extensions and Deferrals It seems that you want a deferral. This means that you will do everything next semester rather now.

You can apply at

Apply for an Extension or Deferral

PS. You can access both pages above from:

CU Extensions and Deferrals Guidance