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Project List 2.0

Notes: Each of the projects contains a list of features listed in order of complexity. All the scenarios should be based on the login system covered during the tutorials and build on it.

In each of the scenarios there are three levels of complexity listed, these correspond to the 40%, 60% and 80% thresholds for functionality. If you attempt the task but fail to achieve the lowest level of functionality you will be awarded a grade of 20%.

To achieve 100% for functionality you should also integrate third-party data into the site either though an existing API or by screen-scraping.

Permitted Packages

You are free to make use of any package used in your lab exercises but you may also make use of:

  1. crypto-js
  2. image-watermark
  3. Koa-compose
  4. music-metadata
  5. nodemailer
  6. node-id3
  7. node-lame
  8. pdf
  9. sharp


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