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Dec 10, 2021

Project List 3.0

This repository contains a list of project topics linked to your module assessment. Please check the assignment brief to identify which topic you are required to attempt.

Each of the projects contains a list of features of increasing complexity. The topics are mapped to the grading rubric. Note that you may not need to complete all the features (check the grading rubric).


If the requirements specify the ability to input multi-line formatted text this may be implemented in any of the following ways:

  • a large text area that includes formatting buttons allowing the user to format the text by selecting it and clicking these buttons.
  • A large text area where the user can select text which pops up a formatting menu (as used on smartphone interfaces).
  • A large text area where the user can use markdown syntax to format their text. This needs to include a live preview area (see the StackOverflow editor as an example).


No description, website, or topics provided.