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Wiki / Manual for FYP Project Template

Information on how to use the Coventry University Project Template

This template lets you write awesome looking Dissertations in Markdown.

Why would you want to do this

  • It looks better
  • Proper Referencing
  • Great looking Maths
  • Its Plain Text
  • You can use whatever text editor you want to write (IE not stuck with Word)

Other Advantages

  • Freedom to edit anywhere using just a text editor
  • Github for Version Control

Behind the Scenes

Template is based on the (unofficial) Latex Coventry Universtiy Thesis template.

Pandoc is used to convert from Markdown to text, with some custom export templates to glue everything together.

It should work on Windows / Mac and Linux. It has been Tested on the University Image.


  • Found a Bug? Submit an Issue and let me know
  • Got a suggestion? Get in touch
  • Improved something? Submit a Pull Request.
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