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Getting Started

This template is designed to be installed inside a Codio box. To to this, open the terminal and run the following command:

$ curl -sL | bash

This will configure the box ready for you to start development.

The process can take up to 15 min. Make sure you don't close the browser tab or let your computer go into sleep mode.

To run the server you need to run the following:

$ deno task run

The website database has been added with a root password of p455w0rd and a single accounts table which is pre-configured with a single account:

username: doej

password: p455w0rd

There is a secure page called Foo Bar which can be accessed at the /foo route. You will need to delete this and replace with your own secure content.

User Acceptance Testing

Before running UATs on your website make sure you go the Project > Settings screen and turn off PROTECT DYNAMIC PORTS.

You will need to update the url variable in each script to point to your own Codio web server.

$ deno test --allow-all --unstable uat/

Remember that you will need to run the tests from your desktop computer and that the web server must be running.

The Database

This Codio box comes with MySQL installed and ready to use. In addition to the root account there is a low-privilege account called websiteuser that is used by the API.

  • root password: p455w0rd
  • websiteuser password: `websitepassword

You will need to log in to the mysql-client CLI tool using the root account which will allow you to modify the database schema.

Frequently-Asked Questions

If you get stuck your first step should be to see if this is a problem that others have already encountered. There is a comprehensive FAQ document that gives solutions to the most common problems.

Frequently-Asked Questions

You should check this document before asking your module leader for help.




Codio template that uses the Deno runtime.






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