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Golf Scorecard

Background: Golf Scorecard is a .NET MAUI-based application designed to streamline the process of recording and calculating golf scores. Inspired by the need for an efficient and easy-to-use digital alternative to traditional paper scorecards, this app aims to provide golfers with a reliable tool for tracking their performance across multiple rounds and holes.

Motivation: In golfing, maintaining an accurate scorecard is crucial for analysing performance, tracking progress, and competing effectively. Traditional scorecards are often prone to errors and can be cumbersome to handle, especially during a round. This project was initiated to create a user-friendly digital scorecard that enhances the golfing experience by providing an intuitive interface for recording scores, calculating totals, and managing user authentication for a personalised experience.

Summary and Features:

The Golf Scorecard app offers the following features:

  1. Login System User Authentication: Provides a simple login system to ensure secure access to your scorecards. Username and Password: Users must enter valid credentials (username: admin, password: password) to access the scorecard features.
  2. Score Recording Hole-by-Hole Score Entry: Users can enter scores for each hole through an easy-to-use interface. Par and Yards Information: Displays par values and yardage for each hole, enabling quick reference. Stroke Index: Shows the stroke index for each hole for additional detail.
  3. Score Calculation Front Nine Score: Automatically calculates the total score for the first 9 holes. Back Nine Score: Automatically calculates the total score for the last 9 holes. Total Score: Provides a running total score that updates as scores are entered.
  4. User Interface Responsive Layout: The application features a clean and responsive design, optimized for mobile devices but functional on any platform supported by .NET MAUI. Scrollable View: Allows easy navigation through the 18 holes, ensuring all information is easily accessible.
  5. Reset Functionality Reset Scores: Includes a button to reset all scores to zero, allowing users to start a new round without any hassle.
  6. Data Binding and UI Elements Binding with ViewModel: Uses MVVM pattern for data binding, ensuring the UI is updated dynamically as scores are entered or modified. Interactive Controls: Includes Entry fields for score input and buttons for calculating and resetting scores.


  1. Launch the application and log in using the credentials: username: admin and `password: password’.
  2. Enter the score for each hole.
  3. View the automatically calculated front nine, back nine, and total scores.
  4. Use the Calculate Total button to update the totals.
  5. Use the Reset button to clear all scores and start a new round.

Future Enhancements User Registration: Implementing a user registration system to allow multiple users to create accounts and store their scorecards. Database Integration: Adding a backend database for storing scores and user data securely. Advanced Analytics: Providing advanced features like performance charts, historical data tracking, and recommendations.


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