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Jun 6, 2024


MQTT-based Comprehensive Warning System for Individual Firefighters

I. Development on Development Board

Learning Interface Usage on ESP32S3 Development Board

  • Learned the basic usage of GPIO, ADC, I2C, etc. on the ESP32S3 development board.

Sensor Driver Development

  • Developed drivers for BMP280 temperature and humidity sensor and QMI8658C attitude sensor.

Design of MQTT Client Program

  • Designed the MQTT client program, implementing connection, publishing, and subscribing functionalities.

TFT Display Screen Design

  • Designed the layout and interaction of the 1.14-inch TFT display screen.

II. Backend Service Containerization Deployment

MQTT Server Selection and Deployment

  • Evaluated and selected Mosquitto as the MQTT server software, and designed deployment architecture and configuration schemes.
  • Deployed the MQTT server, configured access permissions, and topic subscriptions.

Database Design and Implementation

  • Designed the database scheme, determined the database type, and table structure.
  • Implemented the database access layer, achieving persistent storage of sensor data.

Docker Container Deployment

  • Wrote Dockerfile, packaged MQTT server, web application, and database.
  • Deployed Docker containers, achieving containerized management of the entire system.

Testing and Documentation Writing

  • Tested the reliability and scalability of containerized deployment.
  • Wrote deployment documents and operation manuals.
  • Implemented a version control system for documentation to track changes and updates, ensuring all materials are current and accurate.

III. Web Frontend Application Design

Functional Requirements and Framework Selection

  • Determined the functional requirements and interaction flow of the web application.
  • Selected React as the frontend framework.

UI Design and Interaction Design

  • Designed the UI prototype and interaction for the web application.
  • Optimized the interaction and visual effects of the web frontend interface.

Data Interaction and Testing

  • Developed the web frontend interface, displaying sensor data from individual devices.
  • Implemented data interaction with the MQTT server, subscribing to sensor data topics.
  • Conducted usability and performance testing of the web application.

Database Interaction and Documentation Writing

  • Implemented interaction with the backend database, displaying historical sensor data.
  • Wrote functional test cases for the web application and performed testing.
  • Wrote usage instructions for the web application.

System Integration Testing and User Feedback

  • Participated in system integration testing and debugging, resolving issues.
  • Gathered user feedback and conducted final interface optimization.


MQTT-based Comprehensive Warning System for Individual Firefighters






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