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DotDotDot is a slightly different way to do network requests. Create an type (either a struct or class) that implements the DotRequest protocol, and then using the createTask method to make a network request.

Here is an example of the implemented protocol:

struct UsersGistsRequest: DotRequest {
    let username: String
    init(username: String) {
        self.username = username

    var url: String { return "" }

    var path: String? { return "/users/\(username)/gists" }

    var rejectionCodes: [Range<Int>]? { 
    	return [100..<200, 300..<600]

    func parseValue(response: URLResponse, data: Data?) 
		throws -> Int {
        // parse json data here
    func parseError(error: Error, response: URLResponse?, 
    	data: Data?) -> Error? {
        // Return view friendly error here

Once the protocol is made you can make API requests very easily using the createTask method. With the task you can use a fluent API to add handlers based on the different outputs of the request.

The finished product looks like this:

let task = UsersGistsRequest(username: "radther").create()
	.before {
		// Code to run before the request starts
	.onCompletion { value in
		// Code to be run when/if the request is successful
	.onError { error in
		// Code to be run if an error occurs
	.onCancel {
		// Code to run if the request cancels
	.finally {
		// Code to run after everything isover
        // This is called regardless of whether the request errors or is canceled

The protocol has a few different things you can implement such as httpMethod, body, and headers. It also supports basic auth by implementing authentication. If the thing you want to implement isn't provided then there are two functions you can use. The first is editComponents where you are given the current URLComponents before the request is built and can return updated components. The second is editRequest where you are given the current URLRequest object that you can change and return an updated version of.


This framework is released under MIT license.


A small iOS Framework to make simple API requests easier






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