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Movie Tracker App: Background/Motivation Welcome to the Movie Tracker App, This application is designed to help movie enthusiasts to keep track of the movies they have watched, and those they are currently watching. The motivation for this app came from the desire to provide a simple and efficient way to manage and keep track of movies watched.


  1. User Authentication ->Login for Existing Users: Users who have already signed up can log in to the app using their email and password. ->Sign Up for New Users: New users can create an account by providing their email and password, enabling them to start tracking movies immediately.
  2. Movie Listing Page ->View Added Movies: Once logged in, users are taken to the movie listing page where they can see all the movies they have added. ->Movie Details: Each movie in the list displays its title, director, date watched, completed/Not completed and a poster image.
  3. Add New Movies: Users can add new movies to their list by providing details such as the movie title, director, date watched, completed/Not completed and a poster image. This feature ensures that users can keep their watched list up to date.
  4. Update Movies: Users can update the details of movies they have already added. This feature is useful for correcting information or adding additional details to existing entries.
  5. Delete Movies: Users have the option to delete movies from their list. This helps in maintaining an accurate and relevant list of movies they are interested in.
  6. Mark Movies as Completed: Users can mark movies as completed once they have watched them. This feature helps users track their progress and easily see which movies they have already seen.
  7. Logout: Users can securely log out of the app, ensuring that their movie data is protected and only accessible when they are logged in.
  8. Data Management with Supabase: The app uses Supabase for database management and user authentication. This ensures secure and reliable data storage and retrieval.

Design Patterns: 1.Singleton Pattern: Used in MauiProgram.cs to ensure that only one instance of services like Supabase.Client, MoviesListingViewModel, AuthService, and DataService is created and used throughout the application. 2.Observer Pattern: Implemented in all ViewModel files using the ObservableObject base class and ObservableCollection<Movie> from the CommunityToolkit.Mvvm package. This allows the UI to be notified of changes in the data.

Summary of Features Demonstrated in the Video User Authentication: Demonstration of both login and sign-up processes, showcasing the user authentication flow. Movie Listing Page: Viewing the list of added movies with details such as title, director, and poster image. Adding Movies: Step-by-step process of adding a new movie to the list. Updating Movies: Editing the details of an existing movie entry. Deleting Movies: Removing a movie from the list. Marking Movies as Completed: Marking a movie as watched and displaying the status. Logout Process: Securely logging out from the application.

Conclusion: This README provides an overview of the Movie Tracker App, detailing its motivation, core features, and what will be showcased in the demonstration video.


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