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This repository contains the code for my Big-Data Programming Project module 5011CEM. The aim is to create a simple ensemble using parallel processing and compare that to an already created cluster based ensemble by finding the difference between the two models.


To write this code I used Matlab R2020a on a Windows 10 64 bit. The code can be run on on both Windows and Mac given you have a Matlab version of R2017a or newer. This is because the project makes use of functions provides by the Parallel Computing Toolbox which can be added as an add-on in Matlab as found in the add-on explorer. For more information read here. The Mapping toolbox is also required.

Running the code

In order to run this code you will firsly need to download this repository. After you have done that open your matlab Version R2017a or newer and set the working directory to the downloaded repository. Once you ahve done that all you need to do is simply go to the compare.m file and run that. This will call the functions in the ensemble.m and in the CBE.m files and give your results.

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