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Mohammed Fardhin Masud

This account holds my Coventry University GitHub repositories, used primarily for coursework but also for personal projects.

I have set some repositories to public (these are listed below, in chronological order). They are the exact same as when they were submitted but I have included a "Post CW note" to some of these where I reflect on the work completed, or where I add related resources such as module guides or necessary files.

Second Year:

  • masudm6 / 5001CEM_bookshop: An online bookshop built using Python in my second year utilising Flask, WTForms and SQLite. (second year, 5001CEM - Software Engineering)
  • 5011CEM-2122JanMay / 5011CEM2022_masudm6: MATLAB code to process environmental big data in parallel using the MATLAB Parallel Processing toolbox completed in my second year. (second year, 5011CEM - Big Data Programming Project)
  • masudm6 / 5005labs: Unassessed R code from my second-year Data Science module's labs, developed using RStudio. (second year, 5005CEM - Data Science)
  • masudm6 / 5003CEM_CODE : Python code from my second-year Advanced Algorithms module. (second year, 5003CEM - Advanced Algorithms)

Third Year:

  • masudm6 / 6006CEM_CODE : Jupyter IPython notebook on machine learning processes to predict rainfall in Australia. (third year, 6006CEM - Machine Learning and Related Applications).
  • masudm6 / securelearn: Python Flask website for my cybersecurity module. Includes the associated report which highlights cross-language secure practices and design considerations for the application. (third year, 6005CEM - Security).

In the future I wish to share more repositories, including:

  • JavaScript web API backend using Node, Koa and Mongoose (third year, 6003CEM - Web API Development).


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