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  1. Create_undersampled_data
    • Data preprocessing
      • Handles null values (filling na, dropping rows and dropping columns)
      • Randomizes the dataset and splits by severity into 4 CSV files.
      • These are imported in Work_final_balanced with a 5000 limit, balancing the labels equaly.
      • Randomizing before repartition is important for diversity in date, city, state,...
  2. WorkFinal_balanced
    • Data preprocessing
      • Iniciate LabelIndexer and OneHotEncoder classes of library (transform categorical features into numerical representations)
      • Iniciate a VectorAssembler class of library (combining the columns into a single column)
      • Build a pipeline with LabelIndexer, OneHotEncoder, and VectorAssembler.
      • Fit the data on the pipeline and transform the data.
    • Machine Learning models
      • Train a logistic regression model, decision tree classifier, and random forest classifier
      • Perform Hyperparameter tunning for Logistic regression and Decision tree classifier
    • Evaluate the models
      • Evaluate the models using True positive rate per label, False Positive rate per label, and F Measure per label
      • Evaluate the model using F1 Score, True positive rate, False positive rate, Precison, Recall, and Hamming Loss
  3. Vizualizations accidents 2016-2021
    • Tableau visualizations of the data
      • Top 5 cities with most accidents
      • Total number of accidents per Year, Month, and Weekday
      • Number of accidents per weather conditon and temperature in Celsius
      • Impact of road elements in the number of accidents
      • Dynamic time series visualization of number of accidents per month in each state

Link to the original Dataset: US Accidents (2016 - 2021).


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