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As our fourth project at the university, my team was presented with a task to develop a File Sharing website using HTML and CSS, with a heavy emphasis on JavaScript, Node.js and relational databases(SQL). Its main goal was to allow user to upload a file to our server, generate download link and then e-mail it to a friend, so that he/she can download the file. The file was to expire after being downloaded or after a few days.

My contributions to the project were:

  • Leading the team and regularly organizing our work according to Agile (Scrum) methodology.
  • Designing front-end for our website with HTML and CSS.
  • Developing JavaScript functionality for transferring files between users.
  • Presenting the final product.

The project proved to be a success as all team members showed great effort and good spirit. I was ableto further develop my programming skills, with the most notable improvements in databases andacceptance and unit testing. I’m also glad I volunteered to be a leader as it was a new challenge for me,one I really enjoyed too, because I learned a lot about myself and now, I know I’ll be looking for more opportunities to grow in this area.

Main page that lists user's files:

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