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Submission Document Builder

Author: Dr Ian Cornelius, Modules:

  • 4017CMD: Introduction to Programming
  • 5039CMD: Programming and Operating Systems


To build the document for submission, you are required to install the following third-party tools:

Python Requirements

The Python script requires installing the following third-party modules:

  • pandoc-include

The module can be installed by either one of the following commands:

python3 -m pip install pandoc-include


python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Using the Script

If you have not done so already, you will want to clone this repository to your local machine. This can be achieved by using the following command:

git clone

With the script successfully cloned to your machine, you need to place the source code files you want in the submission document inside the directory called src. It is important that you only include the files in this directory that you want marking.

With the documents placed in the src folder, you then need to edit the file. This file contains two global variables: GIT_REPO_LINK and STUDENT_ID. You must change the value of these variables to:

  • GIT_REPO_LINK: the Git repository link you want marking
  • STUDENT_ID: your student identification number
    • this can be found on your student card

You must ensure that the Git repository link is correct, and is located inside the organisation for the module you are submitting for. For example, if you are submitting coursework for 4017CMD, you must use the organisation with 4017CMD in its title, i.e.

Once you have edited the file, you can execute the Python script using the following command:


This will create the PDF submission document required for TurnItIn. The generated file will be located in the directory called out.


If you are struggling to use this script, or having any issues, you can contact Dr Ian Cornelius via e-mail. His e-mail address is