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James Shuttleworth and YOUR NAME HERE

Transcoder is a tool for converting data from one format to another. It's incomplete at the moment, so you will need to help finish it.

You will need to learn a few things along the way, unless you know them already. In particular, you will need:

  • Basic python
  • Virtual environments (venv)
  • PyDoc
  • PyTest
  • Basic Linux CLI
  • Data representation


This is a very simple tool, but it does (or will do) a few useful things.

In cybersecurity, we often have to work with data in different representations. For example, when creating payloads for exploits, we might have to switch between bytes represented as their ASCII values and their binary, decimal or hexadecimal (hex) representation. For example, the capital letter A has the ASCII code 65. 65 in hex is 41. In octal it is 101, and in binary it is 01000001.

Completing Transcoder


  • asASCII (basic)
  • User input (intermediate)
  • wrapping (advanced)


  • Stanley Frankcam


(PROJECT) A tool for converting data from one format to another



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