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Global Experience in Computing, Electronics and Mathematics


Welcome to the Global Experience module. In this you will:

  1. Collaborate online with students in a different country
  2. Travel to a different country to:
    1. Work in multicultural teams.
    2. Gain an insight into a different culture.
  3. Host international students in Coventry

The Project

During the module you will be placed in teams of 4-5 and required to work on an Internet of Things (IoT) project with students from the partner university. Teams will be published in this repository.

The Scenario

Environmental hazards can take many different forms ranging from air pollution as well as others such as ambient noise, vibration caused by heavy traffic and even UV rays from the sun. Your challenge is to identify one or more potential hazards and build a wireless monitoring station to track these and alert users if the level becomes potentially hazardous.

There are a number of IoT data analysis websites such as Adafruit and your system should use this to map and track the data your system captures.


There are a number of tasks you will need to carry our before the field trip. You should start these tasks around 3 weeks before the trip:

  1. Find out who is in your team.
  2. Get in touch online with the rest of your team using Skype or Facetime to discuss what you will be building and identify the skills of the members of the team.
  3. Learn about the sensor technology you will be using and identify the kit you will need:
    1. Check the contents of the kit you will be given. Are the sensors part of this kit?
    2. Check the additional components that are carried by the trip organisers and let them know if you need any of these.
    3. If there are any other sensors you need which are not in the kits, let the trip organisers know as soon as possible, they may be able to source these.
  4. Learn how you can send data to the Adafruit website (you will need an account).

During the Trip

By the start of the trip you should have got to know the other members of the team and have agreed what you will build. During this trip you need to:

  1. Build and test your prototype.
  2. Capture 24 hours of data from a fixed location. During your presentation you will need to analyse this data.
  3. Prepare a short presentation (5min) to explain how your system works.

At the end of the project your team will need to present their system. There will be prizes for the most creative and technical solutions!

Getting Support

This repository contains a range of resources to help you:

  1. Instruction showing how to set up your laptop to allow you to write software, compile it and flash it to the supplied microcontroller (
  2. A list of hardware including sensors with links to online tutorials (
  3. Some useful code samples to get you started (
  4. Extension tasks to take your project further (


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