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frontend build by maui . A second hand sneaker shop: This assignment uses maui to build a trading platform for second-hand sneakers Download the source code if needed. The backend code needs to be downloaded. And before running the frontend, start the backend.

The backend url: The backend uses microservice technology, and the data is in the cloud. You do not need to configure the database to start directly. warning: Before start the backend you need to download the jdk and maven. Please ensure that you computer have enough space. The backend requires a startup sequence: 1. second-hand-centor 2. second-hand-sneaker-seller 3. second-hand-sneaker-user 4. second-hand-sneaker-user 5. second-hand-sneaker-user

The main function: 1. User/Seller login 2. User purchases an item 3. User adds item to cart 4. User Views Cart 5. User Views Purchase History 6. User/Seller Searching items 7 seller put their item to the system. 8 seller add item type to the system. 9 User view all the items 10 User/Seller view all the types 11 Seller view his items. 12 Seller view the selling history 13 User/Seller see their profile 14 Seller view his selling history. 15 Users can add reviews and sub-reviews for each item

Main technique: 1. MVVM data binding technology. 2. Dependency injection technique. 3. Abstract factory pattern. 4. Aspect Oriented Programming

project structure:

  1. modelview: Controls data binding functionality and user input logic
  2. view: The userinterface
  3. service: The Project business interface
  4. serviceimpl: Project business interface implementation
  5. connectionplugin: Control the connection to the backend which use the factory pattern and oriented programming.

submit record: The first submit: The general function of the project has been completed. Including the backend. But it didn't solve the problem of connecting the Android side to the local backend The second submit: Resolved backend connection issues. but the image is not showing. The third submit: Solved the problem that the front-end picture was not displayed. Refreshview has been added to update the interface


frontend build by maui . A second hand sneaker shop






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