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# Student Information Management System (MQTT based)
## Introduction
This student information management system is an application based on MQTT protocol, which aims to realize the real-time publication and subscription of student information. Through MQTT protocol, the system can be easily extended to various devices and platforms to realize the rapid transmission and sharing of information.
## Architecture overview
The system consists of the following main components:
(1) MQTT Broker : Acts as a hub for information exchange, receiving and forwarding MQTT messages.
(2) Back-end server : Processes student information data, provides RESTful apis to manage student information, and communicates with front-end clients via MQTT.
(3) Front-end client : Use MQTT client library to communicate with MQTT Broker to achieve real-time display and update of student information.
## Functional features
(1)Student information Management ** : Add, delete, correct and check the basic information of students.
(2)Real-time update ** : When the back-end server updates the student information, the front-end client can receive the update in real time.
(3) Multi-Platform support ** : The system supports various MQTT clients, such as mobile applications, Web applications and desktop applications.
(4)Scalability ** : Through the MQTT protocol, the system can be easily integrated with other MQTT devices or services.
### Environmental preparation
(1)Install MQTT Broker ( EMQX)
(2)Set up back-end server
(3)Prepare the front-end client
### Configuration
(1)Configure the address and port of MQTT Broker.
(2)Configure the connection information between the back-end server and MQTT Broker.
(3)Configure front-end clients to connect to MQTT Broker.
### Run
(1)Start MQTT Broker.
(2)Start the back-end server and ensure that the connection to MQTT Broker is normal.
(3)Start the front-end client and connect to MQTT Broker to subscribe to the appropriate student information topic.