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@app.route("/user/<userId>/update", methods=["GET","POST"])
def updateUser(userId):
Process any chances from the user settings page
from flask import escape
#Check for user
if not flask.session["user"]:
flask.flash("You need to be logged in")
return flask.redirect(flask.url_for("index"))
if flask.session["user"] != int(userId):
return flask.redirect(flask.url_for("index"))
def getHashedPasswd(plainPasswd):
import hashlib
passwd_salt = (salt + plainPasswd).encode('utf-8')
hashed_password = hashlib.md5(passwd_salt).hexdigest()
return hashed_password
theQry = "Select * FROM User WHERE id = '{0}'".format(userId)
thisUser = query_db(theQry, one=True)
if not thisUser:
flask.flash("No Such User")
return flask.redirect(flask_url_for("index"))
#otherwise we want to do the checks
if flask.request.method == "POST":
current = flask.request.form.get("current")
current = getHashedPasswd(current)
password = flask.request.form.get("password")
password = getHashedPasswd(password)"Attempt password update for %s from %s to %s", userId, current, password)"%s == %s", current, thisUser["password"])
if current:
if current == thisUser["password"]:"Password OK, update")
#Update the Password
theSQL = f"UPDATE user SET password = ? WHERE id = ?"
print( theSQL)"SQL %s", theSQL)
write_db(theSQL,(password, userId))
flask.flash("Password Updated")
flask.flash("Current Password is incorrect")
return flask.redirect(flask.url_for("settings",
userId = thisUser['id']))
flask.flash("Update Error")
return flask.redirect(flask.url_for("settings", userId=userId))