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Clarified the Back Button Task
Some students were getting confused about how to solve task 4.2.4

The instructions should now make it easier for them to solve the problem.
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@@ -219,11 +219,12 @@ Now we have built the book details page we need to add hyperlinks to each book i
2. You have added additional fields to the database but these are not shown. Modify the script (and the html template) to display these missing fields.
3. The _page title_ currently displays the text `Bookshop`. Change this to display the name of the book. To do this you will need to insert an additional data placeholder in the shared **template file**.
1. You should keep the default title on the other pages in the website. To do this you should use the handlebars [conditional helper](
4. Add a hyperlink to return to the search page (not a button). This should _not_ make use of any client-side javascript such as `window.history`.
4. Add a hyperlink to return to the search page (not a button). The html should look something like this`<a href="/">back</a>`:
1. What has happened to the search filter when you go back to the previous page?
2. You will need to pass this to the details page and pass it back when the back button is clicked.
3. Add this to the URL you use to access the details page.
4. You will then need to add this to the link to return to the search results page.
2. To see a solution try searching for a product on amazon.
3. When you look at the product details, notice that the search box is still there.
4. This search box contains the search term you entered in the previous screen!
5. Look at the URL of the details page, can you see how it has been implemented?

## 5 Inserting Data

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