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Customer Relationship Manager

Your task is to design and build a simple Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) tool that can be used by organisations to keep track of their customers and partners and the interactions between them.

Stage 1

You are expected to produce a system with the following features. The user should be logged in to access any functionality:

  1. The home screen should list all the contacts and include:
    1. Their name.
    2. The name of the company (if apropriate).
    3. Their link to the business.
    4. The last date they were contacted.
  2. There should be a button labelled "Add new contact" which should take the user to a new screen where they can add new contacts. They should be asked to enter the following information:
    1. The name of the contact.
    2. The name of the company (optional).
    3. Their address (optional).
    4. A contact phone number.
    5. A contact email.
    6. A photo (optional).
  3. When a contact from the list on the home screen is selected, the user should be sent to a details page which lists all the information held on them.
    1. At the bottom of this screen there should be a multiline text input where the user can enter details of any conversations that were had with the contact.
    2. There should also be a dropdown list containing the phone number and email so the user can specify how the communication was made.
    3. When the form is submitted it should also store the current date and time which should be used on the home screen as the last date of contact.