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Survey Tool

A tool that can be used to carry out surveys. All questions use the same scale that is used by the University Module Surveys:

  1. Strongly Disagree (1 point)
  2. Disagree (2 points)
  3. Neither agree nor disagree (3 points)
  4. Agree (4 points)
  5. Strongly agree (5 points)


  1. Participants need to register for an account and log in to complete the survey.
  2. The admin user should be able to log in and add and remove questions.
  3. Participants should only be able to complete the survey once.
  4. The admin user should be able to see a report that lists:
    1. The overall survey score for each participant.
    2. The average score.


  1. When a user is logged in they should be able to see a list of all the surveys available:
    1. For each survey they have completed they should see the date it was completed and the score.
    2. If they have not completed the survey there should be a link to take them to the survey.
  2. The admin user should be able to add multiple surveys and add questions to them.


  1. The admin user should be able to add and delete surveys.
  2. The admin user should be able to add, edit and delete questions in each survey.
  3. The survey should be hidden from participants whilst it is being created and editied.
  4. Once a survey is ready it can be made public but at this point the questions can't be editied.