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Student CVs

Build a website where users (students) can share their CV with employers: Packages: sharp, nodemailer.


  1. Anyone (whether logged in or not) can view the home screen which lists all the CVs currently uploaded.
  2. This screen should include the short summary information only.
  3. When a user is logged in they can create and update their personal CV.
  4. The CV should include a short summary field for use on the home page and the option to upload a profile photo.
  5. Logged in users can see a 'details' link under each summary on the home page.
  6. Clicking on a cv summary on a 'details; link takes them to page that displays the entire CV.


We will now add a feature to protect users' personal details and so better comply with GDPR.

  1. When a logged in user views a complete CV it should not show any personally-identifiable information such as name or address.
  2. There should be a 'contact' button at the bottom of the CV details page which should automatically send an email to the person who's CV is being examined (directly from the site, not using the email client on a person's computer).
  3. This auto-generated CV should include the email and phone number of the person who clicked the button.


  1. Finally we will refine the contact feature so that users can click on a link to provide access to their complete CV.
  2. In addition, the site should include a full-text search functionality.
  3. When a user clicks on the 'contact' button:
  4. Their name and employer should be added to a list visible to the other user.
  5. A user has access to a page containing a list of users who have clicked their button.
  6. Next to each button there is a 'release CV' button.
  7. Clicking this button sends an email to the user and when they view the CV in future they can see all the fields including personal details.