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My Music

Build a website that allows users to upload music files and create playlists: Packages: music-metadata, node-id3, node-lame.


  1. Users should be able to login and upload mp3 files.
  2. These should be displayed in a single list and for each song the page should extract and display the ID3 data extracted from the file.
  3. The user should be able to play these back through the web browser.


  1. A user should be able to create multiple playlists.
  2. When a music file is uploaded it should be assigned to a specific playlist.
  3. Each playlist should have a square image uploaded as its album art when it is added.
  4. If the image is not square it should be auto-cropped to make it so (but keep aspect ratio).
  5. Any non-music file that a user tries to upload should be rejected with the reason given.


  1. The user should be able to view, play, rate and comment on other peoples playlists.
  2. Ratings should be on a 5 star scale.
  3. A user should be able to see other users' comments plus the average rating.
  4. A user should be able to see the same on other people's playlists.