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Local News

Build a local news site where users can log in an post local news and events: Packages: sharp, nodemailer.


A simple website that displays news articles written by its registered users.

  1. Each article should include as a minimum the following fields:
    1. Headline
    2. Short summary
    3. Photo
    4. Multi-line content
    5. Date added (auto generated by the site).
  2. Users, whether logged in or not, can see a list of all the news articles with the most recent at the top displayed on the home page.
  3. Each article displayed on the home page should include only the headline, thumbnail photo, date added and short summary.
  4. Clicking on any of these articles should load a page that displays the entire article (all fields). Once registered and logged in, users can write new articles which automatically appear on the home page.


  1. The admin user should check and release articles before they are made available to site users.
  2. All new articles should be marked as pending and hidden from the public's view until an admin person logs in, checks the content and flags it as released.
  3. Users can edit existing articles but this will reflag them as pending.
  4. The user should be prompted if they try to add or edit an article with missing fields.


  1. The site should be fully searchable and users should be able to rate articles written by others and receive a daily email summary.
  2. Users should be able to full-text search the news articles. The search should include text in the title, short summary and multi-line content.
  3. Logged in users can rate other people's articles using a 5 star scale.
  4. The average rating should be displayed next to each article both on the home page list and when viewing the entire article.
  5. Articles can have more than one photo.
  6. Each morning at 08:00 registered users should receive an email summarising all the articles added over the past 24 hours.
  7. If no new articles have been added the email should not be sent.