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Domestic Repairs

You have been asked to develop a website for a company that specialises in the repair of domestic white goods such as washing machines and cookers.


  1. new customers should be able to create an account and log in.
  2. They should be able to report one or more appliance faults by supplying the following information:
    1. The type of appliance (dropdown list).
    2. The age of the appliance in years (dropdown list max age 10).
    3. The appliance manufacturer (dropdown list).
    4. A description of the fault.
  3. A technician should be able to log in and review any jobs that have not received quotes, read the details and provide a quote for the job.
  4. The customer can see a list of the quotes from the different technicians and can choose the one they would like to accept.
  5. A technician can see a list of the jobs where their quote has been accepted and will be required to assign the job to a date within 7 days and assign it to either morning or afternoon.
  6. After carrying out the repair, a technician should be able to sign off the job as complete.
  7. Customers should be able to see a list of jobs and their status.


  1. Each technician should be able to pick jobs from the unallocated list and return jobs to this list.
  2. Each technican should only be allowed a maximum of three uncompleted jobs in their allocation.
  3. When picked, the technician must assign a date and time block (2 hours).
  4. When the technician picks the job the customer should receive an email stating when the job will be done and the name of the technician.


  1. The customer should be able to see a summary of their jobs, including completed ones and should be able to filter by status (new, assigned, completed).
  2. This summary should include a log of all the changes and updates.
  3. Technicians should be able to download a daily job sheet in PDF format. This should include the day's schedule with job details and addresses.