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This is a quickly built iOS app to view the current month. The data is collected fromMONTHLY.MOE. This app was very quickly put together and is not a good example of application architecture!




To install this app you will need a Mac.

1. Install Xcode

First you will need to install Xcode, which can be done through the Mac App Store.Appstore§

In the search bar at the top right type xcode and hit enter.


Then click the first result called Xcode.


Lastly hit the install button.

2. Download the app files

Once Xcode is installed you need to download the app files. To do this click the green button at the top of the page labeled Clone or download. Saf1

Followed by the Download ZIP button. Saf2

Extract the ZIP file (safari does this for you) and open up the folder. You should see something that looks like this:


3. Run the project

Double click the MonMoe.xcodeproj to open up the Xcode project (Xcode must be installed for this to open). It will give you the following dialog. Assuming you trust me click Open.


Once the project loads Xcode will look something like this:


If it has opened a file or looks slightly different that's fine, we only care about the bit at the top:


Plug your phone in and where it says Simulator change it to your phone. Xcode will probably have to process symbols, just leave it for a bit and once it's finished select the play button. This will build the app and install it on the phone.

4. Relax and look at the anime calendar

That's it. All done. Any questions don't be afraid to ask. You can contact me on Reddit at: tomblade13.