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from import Dataset
import pandas as pd
import torchaudio
import torch
from sounds import sounds
from cnn import CNNNetwork
from import DataLoader
from torch import nn
import warnings
def create_data_loader(train_data, batch_size):
train_dataloader = DataLoader(train_data, batch_size=batch_size)
return train_dataloader
def train_single_epoch(model, data_loader, loss_fn, optimiser, device):
for input, target in data_loader:
input, target =,
# calculate loss
prediction = model(input)
loss = loss_fn(prediction, target)
# backpropagate error and update weights
print(f"loss: {loss.item()}")
def train(model, data_loader, loss_fn, optimiser, device, epochs):
for i in range(epochs):
print(f"Epoch {i+1}")
train_single_epoch(model, data_loader, loss_fn, optimiser, device)
print("Finished training")