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# store all the story choices the user can make during the game...
# start of the second block
chairStory =[
'screen appeared towards his face displaying numerous years and locations ',
'and despite being very confused and clueless by everything that was happening, ',
'moving his arm to find answer to feed his curiosity he accidentally pressed',
'the button ‘Year 1900-2000’.',
'Automatically, he vanished in thin air abruptly, swallowing him up like a ',
'deadly python. Within second he popped back to the chair like an magician.\n',
'When he found himself, he was sweating profusely, and in shock, regretting the journey.',
'Petrified with fear, in a matter of seconds, he left a cave for something that seemed',
'to be wide roads. He looked around swiftly, rotating his head like spinning ball- ',
'it was all new to him. Huge constructions and building, people dressed in different ',
'fashion, very loud and busy. He accidentally tripped on coco cola glass bottle, ',
'nearly hurt him. He couldn’t wrap his mind around to what happened to him. ',
'Everything was seemingly bizarre to him. Vehicles beeping at each other, ',
'people yelling at each other, raining rapidly. The method of transportation was no',
'longer completed on carts, he didn’t even see a horse and that was when he realized ',
'that he had travelled in time. Gobsmacked, worried for his life, ',
'he felt lost and he didn’t know where he was. Finally he searched for answers,',
'he decided to ask the first person who passed him where he was and what year he had',
'travelled in time, surprisingly the person laughed at him and went passed him.',
'He then noticed a man selling newspapers, he noticed the name and date on the front',
'cover of one of the newspapers being sold.\n',
'News London - [[19th of September 1950|19th Sep]]'
'Overwhelmed with emotion, he realised he made the best discovery of his life.',
'He was contemplating as to what he should do next. \n'
#links to other pages
# black holographic screen - screen
screen =[
'A holographic screen is a two dimensional display technology that uses coated',
'glass media for the projection surface of a video projector.']
<img src="">'''
# link [[Back|Chair story]]
# travelled in time - time trevel
timeTravel = [
'Time travel is the concept of movement between certain points in time, analogous',
'to movement between different points in space by an object or a person, typically',
'with the use of a hypothetical device known as a time machine.']
# link [[Back|Chair story]]
# 19th of september - 19th sept
sept = [
'The following events occurred in 19th September 1950',
'In a vote of confidence in the British House of Commons, the Labour government of ',
'Prime Minister Clement Attlee was sustained by a margin of only six votes, 306 to 300.',
'Some of the Labour Party MPs, absent because of illness, were brought in by the party',
'so that they could vote.',
'The European Payments Union was created, for the benefit of fifteen Western European nations,',
'to stabilize their currencies. The United States contributed $350,000,000 to the endowment fund.',
'A the opening of the fifth annual session of the United Nations General Assembly, the United States,',
'United Kingdom and France sent word to the Soviet Union, that an attack by any nation on West Berlin, ',
'or on West Germany, would be considered an act of war against the three Western powers.',
'The UN General Assembly voted 33-6 to reject a proposal to expel the Republic of China ',
'(located on the island of Taiwan) and to replace representation of the Chinese people with a delegation ',
'from the Communist government of the People\'s Republic of China.',
'The musical film The Toast of New Orleans starring Mario Lanza, Kathryn Grayson and David Niven ',
'premiered in New Orleans.',
# link [[Back|Chair story]]
# next - decisions
decision = '''
1) Leave behind his family and stay in this era
2) Come back to his era and use the machine to his advantage and reserach
decision2 = ' He eventually came to a conclusion...'
# go back to his family
back = ' Come back to his family. Share his discovery to his family and use it for good use.'
#leave family
leave = '''
Enjoy a luxurious life years to come. Evolve and live better and advanced life without family.
Always having the guilt of leaving the family in other era.'''
# conclusion
con = [
'He went back to the virtual cave',
'and sat down on the mighty chair ',
'and whizzed back to the initial location.',
'His Era.',
'He had travelled more than 1000 years in history, and he realized that he could learn new things,',
'travel from year to year, whenever he wanted and become the most knowledgeable man ever. ',
'He grabbed a sheet and a pen and started writing everything he didn’t know and tried to draw them',
'to compare the differences between the evolutions of the years. He started by designing the wide roads,',
'following the big constructions that he ended up realizing was where people had their homes, but even so,',
'he still did not realize what was the means of transport that people used. ',
'He then travells again...'
context = '''
would you like to find out anymore information about any of the following?
A) The Screen B) Time Travel
c) 19th Of September D) Continue With The Choice
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