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Frequently Asked Questions

A knowledge-base system about video games where users can post and answer questions.

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.

Getting started


You need to have node and npm installed in your machine


First things first, here's how to clone the repository:

 git clone

After cloning the repository, run the following command in order to install all of the project's dependencies:

 npm install

After that, make sure you create a .env file. This will be where you set your environment variables, such as the port you want the project to run.

For now, all you need to get the project working are two variables, DB_NAME and SERVER_PORT. For example:


Once these steps are taken, you're ready to run the program. Both of the following commands are acceptable:

node index.js


npm run start

Running the tests

In this project you can run some different tests. These are:

Unit tests

These tests will make sure every function in the project are working and throwing the appropriate errors when wrong data is provided. In order to achieve that, simply run:

npm run test

If you would like to see how long each individual test takes to run, simply run:

npm run test-verbose

Acceptance tests

We also provide acceptance tests. These tests serve as a tool to make sure everything is also working in terms of UI. The following command will run these tests:

npm run cucumber


We provide an easy way of creating and seeing documentation. By running the following command a new folder, docs will be generated. In that folder, you will be able to see all the available documentation for the project:

npm run jsdoc

Built With

  • Koa - Web framework