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import pandas as pd
import dask.dataframe as dd
from dask.distributed import Client, LocalCluster
import time
def main():
# Step 1: Load the data
# Specify dtype for the 'Number of Trips' column as 'float64' to avoid dtype inference issues
dask_data = dd.read_csv("trips_by_distance.csv", dtype={'Number of Trips': 'float64'})
pandas_data = pd.read_csv("trips_by_distance.csv")
# Step 2: Perform data analysis tasks using Dask with 10 processors
cluster_10 = LocalCluster(n_workers=10)
client_10 = Client(cluster_10)
start_time_dask_10 = time.time()
trips_per_week_dask_10 = dask_data.groupby('Week')['Number of Trips'].sum().compute()
end_time_dask_10 = time.time()
execution_time_dask_10 = end_time_dask_10 - start_time_dask_10
# Step 3: Perform data analysis tasks using Dask with 20 processors
cluster_20 = LocalCluster(n_workers=20)
client_20 = Client(cluster_20)
start_time_dask_20 = time.time()
trips_per_week_dask_20 = dask_data.groupby('Week')['Number of Trips'].sum().compute()
end_time_dask_20 = time.time()
execution_time_dask_20 = end_time_dask_20 - start_time_dask_20
# Step 4: Perform data analysis tasks using Pandas
start_time_pandas = time.time()
trips_per_week_pandas = pandas_data.groupby('Week')['Number of Trips'].sum()
end_time_pandas = time.time()
execution_time_pandas = end_time_pandas - start_time_pandas
# Step 5: Measure execution time
print("Execution time using Pandas:", execution_time_pandas)
print("Execution time using Dask with 10 processors:", execution_time_dask_10)
print("Execution time using Dask with 20 processors:", execution_time_dask_20)
if __name__ == "__main__":