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My Makefile usage

I have a Makefile, it's usage is quite simple. I made it because it's easier for me to compile without having to type out the entire god damn command. Even though that's fun for me. Don't @ me, I know it's weird; like my love for OOP.


It has 3 commands for automation and can be added to have more if needed. For my needs, 3 is enough.


make build file="filename.cpp" execute="executeable_name" 

The filename and executeable name has to be the "" or it will not count it as an argument!

Build and run... and clear

make runb file="filename.cpp" execute="executeable_name" # .exe if needed

This makes and runs the file and compiles into what is in the execute flag.


make clean # removes *.exe

This removes all .exe files for Windows.

Made by Taran Nagra