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Compiling tutorial!

It's unsure if you will be compiling the code yourself, if not, this is a small showcase on how to do so. If this is you, Taran. You should know better, you already know this. If not, welcome and enjoy this tutorial!


g++ your_file_here.cpp

This is the basic way to compile a C++ file.

Specifying output

g++ your_file_here.cpp -o your_executeable_here

This makes a file called your_executeable_here.

Specifying C++ version

g++ your_file_here.cpp --std=c++<version_number_here> 
# Example compiling for C++14 which the university requires.
g++ your_file_here.cpp --std=c++14

Everything at once

g++ your_file_here.cpp -o your_executeable_here --std=c++14

Running the file

Assuming your file is called your_executeable_here you run the file with the following:

./your_executeable_here # linux/mac

# Windows:

.\your_executeable_here.exe # powershell
your_executeable_here.exe # cmd