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#include <iostream>
#include <memory.h>
#include <memory>
using namespace std;
Smart Pointers. Pointing you in the smart way!
They are the same as shared pointers (see shared_pointers.cpp)
They prevent memory leaks and automatically deallocate memory when needed.
void memory_leak() {
// This causes a memory leak for the following reasons:
// myPointer is assigned -> memory assigned to this variable
// myPointer is never actually used and thus memory is sitting and waiting
// myPointer is not deallocated from it's memory and results in memory leakage.
int* myPointer = new int(10);
int x = 15;
if (x == 15) {
delete myPointer; // NEED TO DO THIS OR MEMORY LEAK
// this delete statement will never be met if x == 15 though thus memory leakage again.
void no_memory_leak() {
unique_ptr<int> myPointer(new int(10)); // makes a new pointer, value of 10 to it
// note it's a unique pointer and not a normal one, check main func for more info.
int x = 15;
if (x == 15) {
return; // no more memory leakage as the smart pointer knows how to handle if it's not used and when to deallocate the memory
// smart, eh?
int main() {
// Note: They are not called smart pointer, rather unique pointers.
// Any keywords of them will point `:p` to smart pointers.
memory_leak(); // will cause memory leak!
no_memory_leak(); // no memory leak!
return 0;