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#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
Pointers. They are the death of me.
They are variables that hold memory addresses of other variables.
int main() {
// normal variable
int get_my_address = 10;
// outputting normal variable
cout << get_my_address << endl;
// outputting memory address of the variable
cout << &get_my_address << endl;
// pointer variable
// int *point;
// or can be wrote as:
// int* point;
// define potiner and normal variable (pointer -> point, normal -> p)
int* point, p;
p = 1010; // assign a value to variable p
point = &p; // pointer and add reference to p
cout << *point << endl; // return point value NOTE: *point in cout, must be *point or it returns address
delete point; // remember to delete to prevent memory leaks
return 0;