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#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
Templates. They are complex to look at.
template<class T> T add(T &x, T &y) { // template to make a function to add numbers
// the T means type meaning that the values of the parameters can be any data-type
// &x, &y are references to values that can be anything -> float, int, long, double etc
T result = x + y; // makes a return variable from the T class part; can be anything
// -> is now dynamically typed as it will find itself on runtime not beforehand
return result; // return the result
int main() {
// as the add function takes in variable references, it needs explicitily defined variables to reference.
// it does not work if you just use `cout << add(1, 3) << endl;`
// for templates, it requires references to variables
int x = 10;
int y = 100;
float xx = 100.100;
float yy = 10.10;
cout << add(x, y) << endl;
cout << add(xx, yy) << endl; // the variables MUST be the same data-type and cannot be different.
// cannot have int + float or double + int
return 0;