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#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
Inheritance. Like you do it with family.
Somewhat the same, unless we in a simulation...
class Dog { // defining class called Dog
public: // adding public variables/funcs
int x = 10; // public func assigned to 10
void bark() {
cout << "Bark!" << endl; // prints "Bark" when called
class Animals : public Dog { // defining class called Animals which inherits from the Dog class with public access
public: // adding the public func
void is_animal() {
cout << "yes" << endl; // simple func prints "yes" when called
int main() {
// Defining animals object from class
Animals animals;
// Calling .is_animal() from class Animals
// Calling .bark() from class Dog which has been inherited
// Returning value of animals.x from class Dog which has been inherited
cout << animals.x << endl;
// Incrementing animals.x by + 1
// Returning new value of animals.x which has been incremented by + 1 now
cout << animals.x << endl;
return 0;