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#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
Access Specifiers. They allow you to access certain variables
and functions only if you have the required `access`...
class Parent {
string name = "Generic parent name here"; // publically defining name to the parent
int age = 40; // priv8ly defining age to the parent
string occupation = "Laziness :)"; // defining in an inherit-only manner
class Child : public Parent { // publically inheriting Parent
string get_name() {
return name; // returning the publically defined name of the Parent
string get_occupation() {
return occupation; // returning the protected occupation of the parent class
// It can ONLY be accessed if it has been inherited (line 19)
// -> The Child class can access protected variables and functions if
// the Child class has inherited the Parent class PUBLICALLY.
// int get_age() {
// return age; // cannot access age as it's private by the Parent class
// }
int main() {
// Defining the classes and respective objects
Parent p;
Child c;
// Calling parent name
cout << << endl;
// Calling the name of the parent class from the child class
cout << c.get_name() << endl;
// Calling the occupation of the parent class from the child class
cout << c.get_occupation() << endl;
// Cannot get the age of the parent class as it's not available to child and only available for Parent
// cout << c.get_age() << endl; // will not compile
return 0;