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#old function
def oldwordcheck(message):
#keyword list
procedures = ["price", "info", "stats"]
#checks for a match between each word in the message and the keyword list
for word in procedures:
if word in message:
return word
return "no procedure"
#shiny new checker
def NewWordCheck(message):
#keyword dictionary
keywords = {
"price" : ["price", "value", "cost", "rubles"],
"info" : ["info", "information", "details", "facts"],
"stats" : ["stats", "statistics", "data"]
#loops through each word in the message
for searchWord in message.split():
#loops through each key in the dictionary
for key, value in keywords.items() :
#checks for a match between the message word and either the key or the values associated to it
if value.__contains__(searchWord):
return key
return "no procedure"
#temp function for testing purpose
def stats():
print("this is the statistics function")
#temp function for testing purpose
def price():
print("this is the price function")
#temp function for testing purpose
def info():
print("this is the information function")
#temp user message for testing purpose
message = "how many roubles does the ak101 cost"
procedure = NewWordCheck(message)
if procedure == "no procedure":
print("error, no function found/nothing to do")
eval(procedure + "()")