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story{0: "To select an option, press the number next to that option. \n Game start, press 1 to continue...",
1: "You are reading a magazine. The phone rings. \n 31. Continue reading the magazine \n 37. Inspect the room \n 2. You pick up the phone",
2: "“Ethan Stewart speaking, an interesting and rather weird door has been dug up. No amount of force has worked on the door and I thought I’d contact you as the leading expert in hieroglyphs. I want you to fly over to Giza immediately and inspect the door.” \n 48. “…” \n 49. “Is it urgent? And who are you anyway?” \n 51. “Don’t tell me what to do!” \n 3. “I’ll be on my way.”",
3: "You arrive at the site of discovery. \n 4. Examine the door \n 33. Talk to the lead archaeologist \n 34. Examine the floor",
4: "You see some regular hieroglyphs but also a mix of weird lines engraved into the door. It’s an unknown language. You ponder on why this door appears to be encrypted, and why no one has managed to force the door open even with modern tools. What were they hiding? \n 5.Call Laura Mendez for help",
5: "You dial her number. What do you say? \n 6. “Hi Laura, can you come over to Giza and help me decrypt this door? There’s something... off about it”",
6: "She replies: “Of course, anything to help a friend, I’ll probably be able to get a flight for tomorrow morning. So where exactly in Giza are we going?” \n 7. Give Laura the details",
7: "“Okay cool, see you then!” \n 8. You wait until she arrives",
8: "You both work on trying to understand the hieroglyphs, but you’re having difficulty understanding them. Is it a new form of hieroglyph? \n 9. Attempt to read the first line",
9: "You see a few letters that pop out to the both of you. The first word you manage to decrypt reads “beware”. \n 10. Carry on decrypting \n 24. No way, that thing says beware, I’m hopping on the first plane back home",
10: "You and Laura are having a hard time trying to understand the context of this word and after hours of hard working they finally decrypt a second word, “warned”. \n 11. Decrypt some more \n 24. Okay first “beware” and now “warned”? I’m outta here",
11: "You spend hours trying to decrypt more of the codes and hieroglyphs, but a lot of these symbols don’t have direct meaning. Are they some kind of code? Luckily Laura has brought a reference book and a laptop with her \n 12. Read through the book \n 16. Browse through the internet for ideas",
12: "You discover that these symbols are actually numbers. Not every number though... \n 13. You say “Laura look, I think they’re just 0s and 1s!”",
13: "“Ah yes.” She replies. “Initially I thought the numbers represented the values of the objects that might have been hidden beyond the door. So what do you reckon the 0s and 1s stand for?” \n 14. “I don’t know but this one appears to say ‘mass destruction...’“ \n 57. “They’re probably just another warning.” You try and force the door open",
14: "Now you’re sure of it. That section *does* say “mass destruction”. You can barely believe what you just read; it terrifies you. \n 15. Continue decrypting... \n 24. Okay I should have left at beware, now I’m really out of here",
15: "There are a few more binary codes, but they seem unable to be translated. The start and the end of each line can be but the middle seems to be gibberish. Was it a different language? \n 32. Try converting it to Greek \n 17.Try reading it backwards?",
16: "Unfortunately, there is no internet service currently. \n 12. Read through the lengthy reference book",
17: " “Hey look, that actually worked!” Laura exclaims. “Some parts seem to read right to left rather than left to right... see this section right here...” \n 18. It’s late, you call it a day and start again tomorrow",
18: "Laura calls you early in the morning. \n “Hey Alex, I’m just on my way now. I was working on trying to translate the code and I think I have it in the right order. We just need to translate it now!” \n 19. “Great, I’ll be ready when you get here.”",
19: "You and Laura feel both nervous and excited as you begin to decipher the code. The already translated “mass destruction” was at the top of these codes. Where does this lead? \n 20. Read the newly ordered code",
20: " Now that this binary code was reordered, it took only a few seconds to realise what it read: “Heat inch scan machine digging destruction.” \n Laura looks confused and reads through the code again. \n 21. Wait for her to finish reading/ 22. Push her out the way and be the hero!",
21: "Laura finishes reading it again, after realising some code was obscured by some dust it makes much more sense now, she reads it out. \n “This machine will cause mass destruction. Ending” \n 23. “What does this ‘ending’ mean?” \n 24. Mass destruction?! I’m leaving, first plane out of here!",
22: " You shove Laura out of the way, you are the hero after all! \n “Mass destruct and ending!” You read out, feeling smug. You’ve deciphered it! \n “Um Alex? I don’t think that’s what it says, or at least it’s not entirely right.” She looks a bit confused as to why you pushed her out the way. \n 21. “Okay, then if you’re so smart what does it say?”",
23: "“I guess it could be anything? Ending life, a sacrifice for the Gods?” Replies Laura. \n “What if it means humanity?!” You reply. \n 25. Read all the hieroglyphs",
24: "Upon reading the warning of impending doom, you decide to hightail it out of the discovery site and rush to your belongings \n 35. Pack belongings hurriedly and hope a ticket is available \n 36. No time to pack! I need to get as far away as I can \n "+ hold +". Okay, maybe I overreacted slightly",
25: "Both you and Laura look at each other in shock as you put the code and the hieroglyphs together “READER BEWARE! THIS MACHINE WILL CAUSE MASS DESTRUCTION ENDING HUMANITY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! STAY AWAY!” \n Straight after reading this out loud, the floor suddenly begins to shake and the doors are moving further apart. \n Surprisingly, these doors were not meant to be opened. \n 26. Walk into the shaking room \n 24. No time, we have to get out of here!",
26: "You walk into the room and the door slams behind you. You and Laura look at each other worriedly, but the contents of the room distract you from what just happened. \n A true horror befalls you. Inside this “machine” there are bones of hundreds of long forgotten Egyptians. You’re unsure of how long this has laid here untouched. You spot a yellow box. \n 55. Examine the bones \n 27. Walk up to the yellow box",
27: "On closer inspection, this turns out to be a device from which sheets of papyrus were coming from and forming a long line... \n 28. Follow the papyrus \n 30. Nope I’m getting out",
28: "The papyrus is flowing into a trap door. You think about why that might be. Perhaps it’s for writing on? No these already have markings, they’re covered in hieroglyphs already. \n As you follow the papyrus further you watch it fall down into a huge underground area almost filled to the brim with these glyphed sheets. The sheer number of research material here is incredible... so tempting to stay and read it all... \n 29. Stay and read it all \n 30. Are you kidding? I’m out!!",
29: "Certain that the secrets held by this discovery site are contained within this material, you beckon Laura who’d been standing outside looking anxious to come in and examine the notes. Together you start deciphering. \n “We may have just stumbled upon something great. The computers that we have developed provide us with unparalleled mathematical prowess and using that prowess we could calculate anything.” Laura says. \n Reaffirmed that the papyrus holds the truth about what the discovery site really is, you continue to decipher the notes “Soon the newest computer will be finished and with it we will have the power to calculate the meaning of life”. now at a heightened point of intrigue you start to pull up the last bit of papyrus from the underground pit. However the room starts to shake once again and the whirring of machinery gets louder and louder. \n 30. We need to get out of this room NOW \n 53. This room can shake and whir as much as it wants, I am going to find out what happened here",
30: "Unfortunately, as you turn around to bolt, you find the door that triggered this chaos closed. You’re trapped. \n 29. If I’m trapped, might as well find out what this machine’s doing... \n 54. Try and open the door",
31: "You continue Archaeologist’s Digest and read about how there’s been a new discovery in Giza. How interesting. You can’t read much further because the phone is still ringing. Loudly. \n 2. Answer it ",
32: "You discovered it couldn’t be easily translated to Greek, as you were yet to know what it meant in English. Those symbols do look similar to greek, maybe it originated there? \n 17. Try reading it backwards? ",
33: "The leading archaeologist, Ethan Stewart, tells you of all the people that have approached the door before you and failed. \n “It’s quite the mystery, I have no idea on how to unlock this contraption, could you help?” \n 4. Examine the door",
34: "You find a painting and a special artifact with the same text as the door. \n 42. Inspect the painting \n 43. Inspect the artifact",
35: "You quickly pack your belongings making sure that you have enough supplies for the journey back to civilization. After a long and arduous trip back from the site you arrive at the airport hoping to inquire about the next flight out of the country. \n 45. Go to airport reception in the hopes of purchasing a ticket \n 40. Steal a ticket",
36: "Abandoning your belongings you sprint as far away from the discovery site as you can. Eventually you sprint so far, the site disappears over the horizon and now you are left with nothing but the clothes on your back and lots and lots of sand. In your panic, not only did you forget that the site was in a desert, but you also didn’t bring any supplies to help with the journey. Lost and alone in the desert you eventually collapse. \n The End \n 0. Restart",
37: "You’re in your office. Large shelves are stacked from end to end. From ancient Latin and Hebrew to Greek and Hieroglyphics. Pictures from previous expeditions are framed on the wall. \n 38. Inspect images \n 39. Inspect books \n 31. Back to the magazine",
38: "Several photos of abandoned locations are framed. His most famous expedition was to the collapsed ruins of Washington DC, and is the largest of the pictures. \n 37. Look around the room some more",
39: "Dictionaries and guides related to several ancient eras are lined alphabetically. \n An entire shelf is dedicated to Hieroglyphics and ancient Egypt. \n There is a book titled “Mysteries of Giza” which catches your eye. \n 41. Read book",
40: "Scouting around to find any tickets left unprotected. You spot a man haphazardly place his bag on the ground and leave it unguarded. Taking this golden opportunity your sneak forward and begin to comb through the bag in hope that a ticket to anywhere else is inside. \n 44. Keep searching through the bag it has to be here somewhere \n 45. Maybe I should give up and buy a ticket",
41: "You skim through the book, laughing as you do. Most of these mysteries have been solved by you already. \n 1. Go back",
42: "You pick up the torn painting and recognize that the painting is the world obliterated. “This is a strange object.” You think to yourself. \n 3. Go back",
43: "You look closely at the artifact and identify the text as some strange form of hieroglyphs you haven’t seen before. Not knowing what it means you return it back to the archaeologist. \n 3. Go back",
44: "You scurry through the bag as fast as you can in the vain hope of a ticket, And then you see it tucked away in the bottom corner of bag. A ticket. But as you grab the ticket you realise it is too late. The man has returned yelling for security, promptly, security arrives and arrests you for theft. As you are taken away you wonder what will become of you. \n 52. Well, this is going to get me further from the dig site",
45: "Although impatient you decide the best course of action is to simply queue up and see if they have any tickets. After a wait that feels like an eternity you finally make to the front. The receptionist informs you that a couple of spare tickets are available for the next plane leaving in an hours’ time. \n 46. Purchase the ticket",
46: "As you wait for it to be time to board the airplane Laura rushes in to the airport and straight towards you, “We are on the cusp of something great! Please come back. Your expertise is really needed.” she blurts out hoping to prevent you from leaving “Aren’t you curious? Don’t you want to find out more?” in a last attempt to convince you to return. \n "+ hold +" You’re definitely curious, and hey! Better you than some other schmuck who won’t know when to quit. \n 47. No, I want nothing to do with it and besides plane tickets aren’t cheap.",
47: "Determined not to return to the discovery site, you bid Laura farewell and depart on your flight, never to know what is inside the room. Time passes and your life continues throughout its years, never hearing about Laura or the discovery site again. While you do wonder about what was held in the site, the imminent warnings strewn about it reassures you that this was the right decision. And so you live the remainder of your life happily but always slightly curious of what was inside the room. \n The End \n 0. Restart",
48: "“Hello? Did I get the correct number?” Says Ethan. After getting no response he hangs up. \n You wonder what may have happened had you just said something, but you’ll never know. \n The End \n 0. Restart ",
49: "“Alex. This matter is urgent! I am the lead archaeologist at the site and believe me when I say out of this world, this building is nothing like we have ever seen before. We thought we had solved the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, but this is on a whole new level.” \n 3. “I’ll be there shortly.” \n 50. “This seems like a waste of my time.”",
50: "“Very well. We’ll find someone more competent than arrogant.” \n The End \n 0. Restart ",
51: "“Alex. This matter is urgent! You are the only person we know capable of deciphering these messages. You do want another mystery to solve, don’t you?” \n 50. “You’re not the boss of me!” \n 3. “I see. I’ll be on my way.”",
52: "You are sentenced to two years in prison for the crime of theft being promptly returned home for one year of parole. In time you finally regain your freedom and ability to return to your normal life. While the whole excursion to and from the discovery site will be remembered with mixed feelings, you cannot help but think about Laura and whether she discovered whatever secrets lies within and whether those secrets were truly something to “beware”. Although this curiosity would never truly leave you it wouldn’t be worth risking your life to sate. \n The End \n 0. Restart",
53: "After a quick translation of a couple sections it becomes apparent that these are vital research materials to understanding what the discovery site actually is. You’re distracted with all this new knowledge: \n 1. Skim read it instead of waiting -Current objective: find the meaning of life \n -Approximate time: 300 trillion years \n -Error \n -Checking the possibility of current task.... \n -Approximate time until the end of the universe: 22 billion years \n -Current approach: impossible \n -Looking for another solution \n -Meaning of life == Meaning of human life \n -No meaning of life ∈ meaning of life \n -Human existence ⇒ meaning of human life ⇒ meaning of life \n -No human existence ⇒ no meaning of life \n -No meaning of life is the meaning of life \n -Problem solved \n -Preparing human extermination program... (press 59 to continue)",
54: "You look for any handle, something to grab onto, anything. The door on this side seems to be completely smooth. \n Thinking for an alternative, you remember that the door originally opened when you said the words on the other side... it’s worth a try. \n 56. “READER BEWARE! THIS MACHINE WILL CAUSE MASS DESTRUCTION ENDING HUMANITY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! STAY AWAY!”",
55: "The bones around you are dry, they’ve been here for a number of centuries. Some you can tell are full skeletons, however some have fallen apart. \n As you look around you can tell that whatever happened before you was probably caused by heat because some of the bones are… charred? \n There is something moving by the yellow box. \n 27. Walk up to the yellow box ",
56: "Nothing happens. You search relentlessly for any way to escape the room but the only way in or out seems to be through the now sealed door. You search with little hope as you attempt to find a way of unsealing the door but to no avail. \n \n And then you feel it. \n \n The room slowly heating up, getting brighter and hotter by the second. Soon it starts to burn your skin and blind your eyes. The room getting hotter and brighter until all you see is white, all you feel is pain and all you hear is the whirring of machinery all around you. And in one last flash of intense agony, it all turns to black. \n The End \n 0. Restart ",
57: "Disregarding the prominent binary on the door you attempt to force it open. Just as it seems hopeless the room begins to shake and the doors start to open. The discovery site seemingly coming to life. \n 30. Shaking is never good; I’m going as far away from here as I can \n 58. Rush in to see what is inside the room",
58: "You rush into the room ecstatic to find out what is inside. That excitement disappears the moment you enter the room, the remains of hundreds of long abandoned Egyptians scattered all across the room with a yellow box at its centre. But as you get closer to yellow the box the room begins shaking and the doors shut behind you. Laura shouts to you from the other side of the door “Are you okay Alex?!” \n 30. Yeah, I’m fine. I’ll see if I can find a way out \n 27. I’m okay, I’m going to investigate the yellow box",
59: "After seeing this horrifying message you look up. Due to your focus on the lengths of papyrus, you had failed to notice the whirring of machinery, the room starting to become brighter and getting far far hotter. The room continued heating up, getting brighter by the second. In a last ditch attempt to survive you quickly begin scrolling through to see if there is anything that offers a way out. Yet to no avail the length of papyrus offering no way out from the heat as every bit of your skin starts to boil and your eyes become blinded by the light. Until eventually it all turns to black. \n The End \n 0. Restart",
60: " Ignoring the whirring of the room and the intense heat that the pit starts emit you pull up the last part of the papyrus. Intent on finding out the truth no matter what you translate the last part: ... \n \n “Preparing human extermination program...” \n Followed by a handwritten part by, you assume, one of the creators of this machine: \n “Something has gone wrong. The logic the computer uses to calculate the meaning of life works perfectly, however it implies from it’s result that the only way to help fulfil that meaning is to end all life.” \n \n The room is almost completely blinding, heat searing your skin off. You look behind you to see Laura collapsed in front of the sealed door. Dead. Determined to have your curiosity sated before the end, you try to continue reading: “I dont know why the computer gets this implication from the meaning of life but if anyone is reading this, I am sorry and the meaning of life is---” You collapse before gleaning the ultimate answer, left with nothing put torture and disappointment that stings even greater you feel your life boiling away. \n The End \n 0. Restart",}
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