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Assignment Template

This repository contains the base files for the assignment. You will need to create a private duplicate in your module organisation. Carry out the following steps, taken from the GitHub documentation:

Temporarily clone this repository to your development computer. This will create a directory on your computer called temp which contains the repository files:

git clone temp

Create a new private repository in the module organisation on the GitHub server and copy the clone url to the clipboard (the one that begins with https:// and ends in .git. The repository name should be your username (the one you use to log into the University computers).

Mirror Push to this new repository, replacing xxx with the url from the clipboard making sure you are in the temp/ directory:

cd temp/ && git push --mirror xxx

Once you are sure the code is in your new repository, delete the temporary local repository.

cd .. && rm -rf temp/

Your private repository on GitHub will now contain a complete copy of this template including the commits that were already made. You can now start your assignment by carrying out the following steps:

Clone your private repository

Change your local config settings. This is a vital step otherwise your commits won't show on the GitHub graph and your grade will be affected.

Start working on the assignment.