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kenyonJ committed Oct 23, 2018
1 parent a5e6341 commit 5099c9c
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### Storyline A
def StoryA():
print("The footsteps suddenly stop...")
print("The footsteps suddenly stop...")
print("Do you either:")
print("a) scream again")
print("b) keep quiet")
x = input("Enter a or b: ")
x = x.lower()
if x == "a":
print("The door swings open, the dark figure carrying a gun...")
print("It seems your story has ended here...")
print("Game over")
elif x == "b":
print("You hear the footsteps growing quieter.")
print("'Maybe they didnt hear me' you think to yourself; maybe this was for the best")
print("It seems you entered an invalid command, try again")

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