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create database shopfashion;
use shopfashion;
create table brand(brandId int not null primary key auto_increment,brandTitle varchar(50),brandDescription varchar(2000));
create table cloth(clothId int not null primary key auto_increment,clothTitle varchar(50),clothDescription varchar(2000));
create table cart(cartId int not null primary key auto_increment,productId int,userId int,size varchar(50),quantity int,price int);
create table orders(orderId int not null primary key auto_increment,userId int,productId int,size varchar(50),quantity int,price int,orderDate varchar(50),deliveryDate varchar(50));
create table user(userId int not null primary key auto_increment,userName varchar(50),userEmail varchar(50),userPassword varchar(50),userPhone varchar(50),userPic varchar(50),userAddress varchar(2000),userType varchar(50));
create table product(productId int not null primary key auto_increment,productTitle varchar(1000),productDescription varchar(2000),productPhoto varchar(50),productPrice int,productDiscount int,productQuantity int,productFor varchar(50),clothId int,brandId int);