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""" This is the entity, Staff"""
from messageboard import MessageController
from user_profile import Profile
class Staff(Profile):
def __init__(self): # a method to create objects
self.__email = ""
self.__role = "staff"
self.__managers = [] # Group of Four composite pattern
# Group of Four Composite Pattern
def add_manager(self, manager):
# self.__managers.append(manager)
def remove_manager(self, manager):
def get_managers(self):
return self.__managers
def get_managers_email(self):
emails = []
for member in self.__managers:
return emails
# ----------------------------------------------------
def get_email(self): # get method
return self.__email
def set_email(self, mail): # set method
self.__email = mail
def get_role(self):
return self.__role
def set_role(self, role):
self.__role = role
# Group of Four: Mediator pattern applied to displayable messages
def send_message(self, message):
text = MessageController.display_message(message)
return text
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